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... to the Order of the Black Wind, Initiate.  Here you will find everything you need to stay in contact with the other members of the Order.  Forums, Calendars, news feeds, IMs, Crafting, its all here.  You can start by going to the Join the Order of the Black Wind link at the top of the page.

Guild News

Battle Regimens...Huah!

TigronSin, Apr 5, 11 7:42 AM.
So Cyrus and I were discussing these and neither of us knew what was what.  Seems a lot of players don't.  Battle Regimens are like the old Chains from 11 but again, not quite. 

Essentially they are group attacks.  Ways to stack abilities and work as a team.  Certain combinations produce new animations and effects so its also a trial and error method of exciting discovery.  So since we often fight together we're going to try it out over the next couple days and you are invited to come join us!

Heres some more info on the process.

Battle Regimens

Tigron Sin

Gender Issues!

TigronSin, Apr 3, 11 8:29 AM.
As you know there are a few little gender issues in our chosen MMO.  More specifically we are referring to the missing racial genders for 3 of the races. 

The missing Male Miqote, Female Highlander, and Female Roegadyn  were addressed by our community Rep who at the least seems to be trying to get the answers for us.

He says:

Greetings everyone!

We can definitely see the enthusiasm being shown in this topic, and it's not something we're overlooking! We are currently discussing with the development team now and will report back once we receive a response.


So things are looking up...stay tuned!

NEW FEATURE - Industry!

TigronSin, Apr 2, 11 7:37 AM.
This is an awesome new add on.  It requires you fill out your Skills which can be done on your Profile (Characters - Edit - Skills tab) or in the Resources window above.  But heres what they say about it!

Todays update brings the new Crafting Marketplace widget. Members of your guild can use it to place, claim, and mark tradeskill-related orders fulfilled. For example, a member could place an order for 1,000 Arrows of Burning Ouchies. Another member, with the requisite skill of woodworking (and hopefully a pair of oven mitts), could then take the order. After the crafter has completed the order, they mark it as ready for pick up/delivery. Finally, the person who initially placed the order marks it as complete (picked up/delivered).

Throughout the process, web-based mail and regular e-mail are used for notification. For example, when the above sample order was initially placed, all woodworkers in the guild would have been notified of the new order.

So I've added the new Widget/window just below here in the center pane.

Have fun!

Tigron Sin
Industry - Orders and Progress
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